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We invite you to a place of welcome and spiritual growth.

We shape our life together around this vision:


And what does the Lord require of us?
To do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.


Engage in Mission Work;
Nurture God’s Children;
Strive for Peace, Fairness and Dignity


Be Inclusive and Welcoming;
Love Each Other;
Be of Service to All


Learn and Be Guided by the Gospel;
Worship faithfully;
Grow Spiritually



Worship and service lie at the heart of our congregational life. In worship God brings us together for renewal, praise and re-commitment. In service we live out that commitment in the world.


VPC is truly a multi-generational church, where the wisdom of our seniors meets the boundless enthusiasm of children and youth. Our care for each other is evident in areas from education to visiting to social events.


Our downtown location is essential to our desire to be involved in the local community.



Message from the Pastor

We’re glad you’ve dropped by for a visit.  Please stay and explore to see if what we have to offer is what you are seeking.

At VPC, everyone is welcome.  Just as the gospels remind us that Jesus excluded no one, each person who enters our doors is an honored guest.

On this website, you’ll learn a bit about our worship, opportunities for learning or to gather as friends, ways to serve in our community and beyond, programming for all ages—from children and youth to adults.

But to really learn about VPC, we hope you’ll come see us.  Worship with us.  Get to know us.  Maybe you’ll find a place that feels like a spiritual home.

May God bless you in your journey.

Our Worship Style

We are traditional in that we typically use the Presbyterian pattern of worship:  gathering; hearing the Word of God read and preached; and sending each other out with blessing.

We are also contemporary.  Our worship helps bring to life a message that is rooted in the Bible yet speaks to the modern lives of listeners.

VPC’s music ranges in style from classical to contemporary, from gospel to spirituals.  The historic tracker organ is significant to our worship, and it is often joined by other instruments, from piano to guitar, wind and rhythm.  The choir performs weekly from September to May in the 10:00 service with music that ranges from contemplative to lively.

VPC Nursery services are available for children ages 3 and under during the 10:30 service. Children age 4 and older are encouraged to attend Children’s Church.

A requirement for nursery volunteer is to be Safe Environment trained; Please contact us if you’d like more information about the Safe Environment policy.

VPC is affiliated with the PC(USA).

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