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Frequently Asked Questions…

What will the worship service be like?

Our service begins as you enter the door and are warmly greeted.  You’ll hear announcements about the activities and service opportunities of the church, then you will have a few moments to prepare your heart and mind for worship during the musical prelude (opening).

Prayer, music, scripture readings, and a sermon are all part of our service.  To see a copy of a recent worship service, click here.  To read more about our worship and music style, click here.

How long is the worship service?

The 8:30 service usually lasts about 30 minutes; the 10:30 service is typically an hour.

What is the difference between the two services?

The services are essentially the same, except the earlier service is briefer and a bit more casual.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable.  Some men wear coats and ties; others don’t.  Some women wear dresses and some wear slacks.

Do I have to be a member to take communion?

No.  This is Christ’s table, and is open to all.

How often do you have communion?

Once a month.  In some months, there is a special day on which we serve communion.  Other months, it is the third Sunday of the month.

How is communion served?

We have two methods.  At the 8:30 service everyone walks forward where a server is waiting with a loaf of bread and a cup of grape juice.  You may break off a piece of bread and dip it in the grape juice. If you desire to receive the elements at your seat, please get the attention of one of our servers, who will bring it to you. At 10:30 bread and juice will be passed to you in the pews. We all hold them when we receive them, and then eat and drink together.

What do I do with my children during worship?

All children are welcome in our worship services.  At the 10:30 service we also have a nursery for children up through age 3, and children’s church for 3-year-olds through 5th grade.  The children’s church kids stay in worship for the first part of the service, and leave after the children’s sermon.

Where do I park?

There is a good-sized lot behind the church off Green Street.  If the lot is full please use street parking.

Which door should I use to enter?

The two main places to enter our church on Sunday are the double doors on Main Street that lead directly into the worship space, or the Welcome Center door from the parking lot.

What if I come during the week?

Office hours are 8:30—2:30 Monday through Friday.  Please come to the door off the parking lot in the back of the church with the awning that says “OFFICE.”  Ring the bell and someone will let you in.

How do I find out more about VPC?

Contact our office at office@vpc1.org with any questions and we will have someone get with you as soon as possible!