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Service (Missions)

At VPC we believe very strongly in the power of service.  We are continually looking for new ways to reach out in our community and beyond.

The Witness and Mission Committee helps to facilitate the mission outreach of Versailles Presbyterian Church.  The goal of the committee is to provide mission opportunities at the local, regional, state/national, and international level.

VPC strives to live up to the standard set forth in Micah 6:8: “And What Does the Lord Require of You?  To Do Justice, To Love Kindness, and To Walk Humbly With Your God.”   Actively helping others in need is a big part of meeting this charge set forth in Micah.  The Witness and Mission Committee strongly encourages everyone to be a part of the mission process.  If you have a desire to help, there is a place for you!

What’s next?

The next new thing is just around the corner—we are always on the lookout for places where God has gone before us and is calling us to follow.  Will you join us?